Hi, I'm Tong Ge. A Ph.D student interested in Data Visualization and Application.

Highly interested in human-centered data visualization and application. And wish to make practical contributions in the field.

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First grab the tool which is to learn how to code, then go identifying and solving problems which is to do research.

2011.09 - 2015.06 Shandong University Software Engineering Bachelor
2015.09 - now Shandong University Computer Science and Technology Ph.D
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2016.06-2016.07        Max Planck Institute

Recommanded by Baoquan Chen, the Dean of School of Computer Science and Technology, Shandong University.

MPI has built a famous framework and online tool for entity detection and disambiguation called Aida. It is based on their knowledge base called YAGO2. My part of the work is to help them build the disambiguation model for Chinese (which now has an accuracy of 95%) and visualize the system with an interactive user interface.

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